Thursday, March 10, 2016

Is growing a beard hard work?

Growing a beard is like breathing, it all happens naturally and without you putting in any extra effort whatsoever. Matter of fact, all you need is to stop doing things, such as shaving. Well to be fair I have started using beard oil every single day. So I'm technically still doing something. Why? Well I fucking love it. It smells great and it makes your beard into a tamed beast, instead of a scruffy sasquatch from the forgotten forest in Butchcounty. So growing a beard is great. And the fact that it has some sort of magical hypnotic power on the opposite sex is nothing to take lightly. Lets just say that I am surprised by the effect it seems to be having on certain people. 

So grow that beard of yours and unlock all the powers that comes with it. Beard on!
Still going strong.

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